I often fly at night, and there are two main ways I do it: The first way is to simply levitate, and I’ve done that many times in my dreams. I remember one dream when I levitated in a chair and rode above the streets of a neighborhood, and up an alley full of garages on both sides, maneuvering the chair to the extent that I could land and then levitate again and commence flying. That was great fun! That’s one way.
Another way is when I hold my arms out as wings and push off. Now this requires some concentration, because I never get off the ground if I don’t focus my mind. So I concentrate really hard and levitate, and once I’m up to a certain altitude it then becomes a matter of my own confidence as far as how long I can stay flying. As my confidence rises and I lose my fear and fly higher. Conversely, if I lose my confidence then I lose altitude. So the entire time I’m flying in this manner (holding my arms out like wings), I’m calling upon all my confidence to stay afloat.
In my dreams I have flown literally hundreds of miles through all sorts of landscapes – above towns and cities, over and under electric wires, through beautiful countryside, over forests and mountains, and even into outer space. I mostly fly without the need of any equipment at all, but on occasion I have piloted helicopters, airplanes, and huge balloons.
One time I was flying with my arms outstretched, allowing my confidence to carry me higher and higher toward the heavens. My confident wings carried me to heights that I had never before believed possible, and the blue sky beckoned me, so I continue to soar effortlessly high above the earth. A cloud began forming beneath me, and it rolled and billowed and morphed, until a face appeared in the cloud. As I watched, amazed, the face of a wise, white-haired old man appeared, watching me.
The huge cloud-face came right up underneath me, “Flying in the realm of the gods are you?”
“Sir,” I said, “I walk the earthly plane in the realm of the gods, and you’ve seen me walking there, and never asked me why I walk.”
“I know why you walk, young man. You walk because you have two legs to walk with.”
“So I fly because I have the imagination and the desire to exceed my own limitations.”
The old cloud-man eyed me carefully for a moment. “So you want to be a God? Is that it?”
“Heaven forbid,” I said. “I simply long to venture toward the heavens, and enjoy the rarefied air of the gods, even though I know it’s only in my dreams. And after all, I’m not hurting anyone, am I?”
The wise and old cloud-man stroked his beard and thought about it some (all the while I worried that I’d lose my confidence and suddenly fall to earth), then with a flamboyant re-animation of his cloud face persona (which now seemed fiercer than the last), he approached me closely.
“Yes sir,” I said, hoping he wouldn’t blow me out of the sky with the single puff from his mouth.
“I like you.” With that said, he folded his face back into the cloud, and caused it to splay out beneath me, creating an updraft of warm air that began carrying me at speeds I never before imagined possible. “Fear not, my young friend,” the voice said from inside the cloud. “I’m right here with you.” We flew higher and higher until the blue sky turned pale, and then into total blackness and continued beyond that even, past the moon, and into total blackness, and it was there when we stopped. “I want to show you something, and then I want to ask you a question,” he said.
His countenance had now changed somewhat, and he was just as large except that now he had shoulders and a large chest for me to sit on and he had arms, one of which was pointing out into space. He pointed to our left toward a far-off star. “Do you see that star?”
Then he pointed to our right toward another far-off star. “Do you see that other star?”
“Yes,” I again replied.
“What can you tell me about the two stars?”
“They look about the same size and they’re moving toward each other. It appears that they will either collide or narrowly miss one another.” Then as a second thought I asked, “Are they going to collide?”
“Let’s just sit here and watch for a while.”
So I sat there on his chest and watched the two balls in the distance roll as if they were two ball bearings on a tabletop, the only difference was that there was no frame of reference to tell me the size or speed of either of the stars. I couldn’t tell if the stars were giants much bigger than our sun, or if they were tiny planets. The blackness of space gave no hint as to size or distance. I had no way to gain a reference, no way to calibrate the size of each as they rolled toward each other. I thought to myself, now if they are, in fact, giants, that would mean that they are going toward each other at a faster rate. Or if one of them is a giant, then it perhaps is further away from us, therefore appearing smaller, but it would have to be moving faster. On the other hand if one of the stars is tiny, that would mean that it is much closer to me, and moving much slower in comparison to the other, bigger star.
We watched the two stars migrating toward each other for a long time before they finally both met and then passed each other without hitting, then began to separate. In that brief glimpse of them when they met, I could see that one was a mega giant that actually dwarfed the other one and I could tell more about the two stars when they were close together because I finally had a reference (one against the other). At that moment I could tell one was much larger than the other, and moving faster than the other; and the smaller star was quite a bit closer to me than the big one, making it appear that it was as large, and that it was moving as fast.
“I want you to write down what you saw,” the old man told me.
“Okay, I will. Is that all?”
“No, there’s more. Keep watching.”
The two planets gradually began moving away from each other, and again there’s a point where I couldn’t tell which planet was which, which one was large or small, whether it was moving slow or fast, only that I saw two balls moving away from each other off into the vastness of space.
The old man patiently stayed with me and entertained me with this giant cosmic conundrum. When he saw that I was again getting restless to go home to my mother, he asked me, “What did you conclude?
“Sir, without a plane of reference I really can’t tell too much. Out in the vastness of space, the two balls appeared to be the same size until they could get close enough together that I could compare the two, and even then they were both unimaginably big. I did, though, find out that the bigger planet must have been traveling faster, and must have been further away from me than the smaller planet, because they both always appeared to be moving together on a consistently slow rate, though now I know that was just an illusion.
“In other words,” the old man said to me, “You knew a little about the motion of the two stars, but now, you know a little more, correct?”
“Young man, take this information with you when you go about your life. When you see people coming and going in your life, you know what for what purpose they are coming and going, you don’t know their ambitions, and you certainly don’t know the burdens that they are carrying on their backs, or how many people they need to feed when they get there. So take care when judging, young man. Sometimes the small one who moves slowly can accomplish things just as important as the giant who moves quickly. And remember, that when they both meet in the middle, they are both giants.
Your gift, young man, is your powers of observation. Take this message and give it to all people and use it to help spread understanding in your world. Don’t reject something because it doesn’t seem to be the right size for you, or it is the wrong color, or it doesn’t fit in with your preconceived notions. If you throw it away, you could be passing on something that would have greatly benefited your life. Accept new ideas. Don’t be in too much of a hurry. That thing that is seemingly slow in coming could in fact be the biggest and best thing that’s ever happened to you. So wait for it even if it is slow. Everything doesn’t have to be right now. The universe is big. There is plenty out there for everyone.”
I thought about everything he had showed me, and as its soaks in, I’m thinking about what it really means.
The cloud man looked at me with a smile, “Don’t you worry, son… everything is as it should be; go on home and get to bed.”
I was peacefully deposited back into my own realm, and tucked back into my own bed, on my own pillow, sleeping.
An old man now, I recall these things, and with arthritic hands I’m finally putting words on paper that will capture the essence of that dream I had when I was just a curtain climber, and finally following through on the promise that I made to the old man in the cloud so many years ago. I’m telling you about it. I still fly in nice weather in my dreams, but not as often as I did in my childhood, in fact I seldom do it anymore. I would never think of flying in bad weather anyway, so in my dreams I fly on days that are perfect in every way. No wind, sunny out but not too hot… Just right . I still wake up completely exhilarated and refreshed after a fantastic flight.
I think man was designed with this inquisitive nature within; his need to explore and to see what’s on the other side of the horizon, to look past our earthly landscape, and see how God thinks.